Gold Reserved – $75 Ticket Package to include
- One Ticket in rows 3-15
- Exclusive Gold T-shirt
- Collectible laminate - If you are spotted wearing the Gold laminate you may be upgraded to the meet and greet.

Platinum Backstage Experience – For $200, Joe Satriani fans can live their biggest fantasy with:
- One Ticket in the first 2 rows
- Exclusive Platinum T-shirt
- A real VIP laminate
- Meet and Greet with Joe Satriani
- Photo with Joe Satriani!
- JUST ADDED... Backstage Tour Experience! You will be taken into the venue early and given a tour of the backstage, and if loadin permits, the stage itself. Get a keepsake photo from the backstage tour... either taken backstage or on stage. Each night's tour could be different... maybe you will get to watch Joe's gear being setup, maybe equipment will be tested, you never know! This is your chance to see what goes on before the doors open!

Exact row locations can vary by venue, please read the ticket description for your show.

Tips for Purchasing Tickets

1. You will need a account created just for the store, something you can do at the time of checkout.

2. Make sure your credit card has the available funds and maybe call your bank to alert them to the possible purchase so they don't flag the purchase and deny it.

Ticket Sales Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: There are no cancellations or exchanges and all sales are final.

EVENT POSTPONMENT: If an event is rescheduled, your tickets will be good for the rescheduled performance. If an event is completely canceled, please see below.

EVENT CANCELLATION: If an event is completely canceled, a refund will be issued less a handling fee if the tickets are returned within 30 days of the event of cancellation. Tickets should not be returned to a venue box office. Please ship tickets in a manner that requires a signature for delivery. Refunds will be credited towards the account used for the purchase.

SHIPPING: Most tickets will be shipped 1-2 weeks before the show. Platinum tickets and laminates will be delivered via willcall the day of the show.

CHECK YOUR TICKETS: It is your responsibility upon receipt of your tickets to immediately examine your tickets to ensure they are for the proper date.

KEEP YOUR TICKETS IN A SAFE PLACE: Tickets can not be replaced if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Joe Satriani is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged tickets. Exposure to sunlight or heat can damage tickets. Store your tickets in a cool dry place.

Packages/tickets are non-transferable. Packages/tickets may not be resold whole or in part for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel packages/tickets of anyone who is found to be selling their package/ticket in whole or part.

Ticket FAQ

Who do I call if I have questions?
Questions about your ticket/package purchase can be directed to Fanfire Ticketing at 1-800-242-8881.

This is for questions related to orders ONLY, you will not be able to make purchases via the phone. Please do not call this number with questions about tour dates, cities, show times, etc., they will not be able to assist with those questions.

Platinum Package -
Please read through the following notes. This will help you prepare for your Platinum Experience.

We will concentrate on photo's first - The photo's last a lifetime and we want to get the best photo possible. During this time please focus on the picture not interacting with Joe. Stay still and face the camera, you will have plenty of time to speak to Joe during the meet-and-greet after the photo session. We are taking 2 photo's - 1 being a safety to make sure we get a good shot.

You all purchased your packages online and we have a record of your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail in 7 to 10 days, perhaps sooner, with a web address where you can download today's photos. All the photos will be posted and you will recognize yourself and download your photos. You can burn the photos to disc and take it to any photo shop for processing or even e-mail it to a photo shop for processing.

You are welcome to ask for autographs and Joe will sign what you have if they are willing, but PLEASE LIMIT YOURSELF TO ONE ITEM ONLY. Please be respectful and not bring many items for Joe to sign.

During the meet-and-greet, please be polite and don't monopolize Joe's time so everyone will get the chance to speak to Joe.

Please no personal cameras and individual photos - This takes away from meet-and-greet time and is discourteous to Joe. If you use a personal camera you will be asked to put it away and if you use it again you will be asked to leave...

You will receive directions with your tickets and pass the night of the show. If you are late arriving for the backstage line up you may miss the backstage opportunity.

Is the Platinum ticket photo with a group of fans or indivdually?
The photo is individual.

How do I get the photo?
We use a professional camera and will give you a url link to pickup your HIRES photo 7-10 days after the show.

Can I get my ________ autographed?
Yes, but you are limited to only one item to be autographed.

What name do you use for willcall?
We use the SHIP TO first and last names for will-call. Make sure they match the picture ID of the person picking up the tickets.

Shopping Cart -

Do I need to enter a Promo or Coupon Code?
There is no need to enter a promo/coupon code for the purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For ticket purchases we only accept credit cards.

How quickly do I have to complete my purchase?
Once the ticket has been added to your cart you are free to continue shopping for Joe Satriani merchandise. The ticket will remain in your shopping cart for 15 minutes after the last item has been added to your cart.

Tickets -

Location of seats?
The exact location of the seats is not known until tickets are shipped as we do not receive the tickets until just before they are shipped to you. We secure in advance blocks of premium tickets. They are assigned on a first come first serve basis. So the first orders in will get the best seats. By not releasing the exact seat location at the time of purchase we cut down the possibility of ticket brokers purchasing the seats that Joe has made available for his fans.

What if the venue is General Admission?
Joe Satriani has arranged for all Gold and Platinum Package holders that have tickets that are General Admission to gain early entry into the venue. Please be sure you have your laminate as this will identify you for early entry. Entry will typically be 10-15 minutes before the public enters, this can vary by venue. Please lineup near the front door, you will receive specific instructions at that time.

Do I need to arrive early?
Ticket will-call pickup information will be sent with confirmation.

Do I park anywhere special?

Cost of parking?
Please check individual product descriptions to see if parking is included.

Handicap access seating?
Please check with the venue.

Is there a age limit for attending the concert or taking part in the Platinum package?
There are no age restrictions for the concert or the Platinum package, children are welcome.

Do the prices of the Gold and Platinum packages include the ticket?
Yes the price listed includes the ticket.

When will I actually receive the tickets?
Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the show.

When do you ship tickets for international orders?
For all international orders we will hold your ticket at the venue's willcall the night of the show for you to pickup. Instructions on how to pickup your tickets will be mailed to you.

Can I resell them?

Are these tickets better than I can buy at TicketMaster or the venue?
Yes. Although rare there are some seats that do open up do to production changes that may be of the same quality as Joe Satriani Access tickets.

How do I cancel if I can't attend?
We don’t accept cancellations.

If I give (sell) them to someone else, how does Will-call work?
Packages/tickets are non-transferable.

Will I get to sit there for all acts?

Flash photography OK?
You should check with the venue regarding photography questions.

Will I get to meet Joe?
If you purchase the Platinum Package you will meet Joe Satriani. Gold tickets do not included ANY backstage access.

Can I sit next to my friends?
If you order two or more tickets in the same order, those tickets will be next to each other. If you and your friend each order tickets separately there is no guarantee they will be together.

I missed out on the tickets, can I go on a waiting list if anyone cancels or you get more?
We are sorry we don’t maintain waiting lists; we suggest you watch for notices.

Payment -

Debit Card Users
Many debit cards have a daily purchase limit regardless of available funds. If you receive a decline on a large purchase, please contact your authorizing bank. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Did my payment go through?
If you received a email order confirmation your tickets were processed.

Will you notify me if my payment did not go through?

When will my CC be charged?
Immediately upon purchase.

If I am using someone else's CC to purchase, how will Will-Call work?
We use the SHIP TO first and last names for will-call. Make sure they match the picture ID of the person picking up the tickets.

Can I change the name on my tickets?

What is the name that will appear on my credit card statement for the purchase?

Merchandise -

If I want more than one ticket how do I select different size t-shirts?
Add the first ticket to your shopping cart, selecting the size of the t-shirt you desire. Add the additional ticket at a different size shirt, go back select the venue and package, pick the size and then pick the quantity. You will see two of the same ticket in your shopping cart, but with different size shirts. These tickets will be next to each other.

When will I receive the merchandise in the package?
Merchandise will be shipped along with your tickets, approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the show.

Will the collectible laminate from the Gold Package get me backstage?
No, it is for collectible purposes only. If you want to go backstage you should purchase the Platinum Package. If you are spotted wearing the Gold laminate you MAY be upgraded to the meet and greet.

Can I buy additional t-shirts?
No, the shirts in the Gold and Platinum Packages are exclusive to those packages and cannot be purchased separately.

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